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"Boulders"  The notion of permanence in the natural world may seem to be at odds with what a person observes when immersed in nature.  Step into the woods and there appears little that remains the same.  Birds sing out and fly by, trees wave in the breeze or their toppled trunks rot upon the ground, clouds move past casting unpredictable and ever-changing light patterns to delight the eye.  True enough that nothing is permanent except change, but within a person’s lifetime some changes are imperceptible thus providing the illusion of permanence.  This photographic series offers the viewer the opportunity to visually explore the immense permanence, presence, and personality of large boulders and how the natural world conforms and responds to their personal space.

(4x5 Contact Gelatin Silver Warm-toned fiber based prints / Web-based images copy stand work of originals)

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