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"Edgelands"  I have always been drawn to intriguing and unusual physical environments.  So, when I chanced upon Paul Rarley and Michael Symmons Roberts collection of essays on England’s forgotten roadside spaces I was excited to read the words of other like-minded thinkers who appreciate similar unconventional landscapes. Inspired by their book, Edgelands is a photographic exploration of the non-negotiated spaces that lie on the periphery of our everyday automotive travels.  The ubiquitous nature of these spaces makes them virtually invisible to the common commuter.  To the unaware, edgelands appear as inconsequential zones of neglect along the highway that remain “off-limits” and beyond the boundary of reasonable exploration.  To the ever curious, edgelands are mysterious forgotten islands that demand attention, cajole, and hold the promise of surprise. 

(Gelatin-Silver fiber based prints / Web-based images copy stand work of originals)

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